Monday, March 17, 2008

Middle School Media Specialists Mastering 21st Century Skills

First Day at NCCAT

Our laptops are plugged in as we explore technologies and share ideas around a giant conference table with a view of a fountain and budding forsythia.

So far today, I have created a Skype account and avatara (Thanks, Weemee!) and explored GoogleDocs.

I escaped to climb the Wildflower Trail behind the Ayhsti residence and took pictures of some of the first wildflowers to bloom this Spring- all before lunch!

At this point, I'm working my way through the tutorials on This is taking me through blog basics and continuous learning. Tomorrow I'll look at Flikr and import some pictures into the blog!

I worked with my account and added bookmarks throughout the day. I think a webcam is in my future!

Here's a photo of the learningteammiddle Teacher Scholars at dinner last night:

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The Nina Report said...

Learningteam Middle Rocks. It's 4:30 and like Angie, we have been sitting and working most of the day except when we were eating. Ahh thank you NCCAT. Thanks Angie for your blog. DD